Pipe and Drain Smells & Odours

Pipe and Drain Smells & Odours

Pipe residue / Bacterial Pipe Growth / Sludge Blockage

A foul-smelling drain is very off-putting and unpleasant, the smell is usually the result of the connecting pipes. One of the causes is residue that has remained in the pipes for a while, whether it be a kitchen sink or shower drain. While most people try to flush the smell out by leaving the tap on for a while and pouring soap or detergent down the drain, this is only a temporary fix and may, in fact, lead to the smell coming back even worse than before. The real way to fix this problem is to disconnect the pipes and remove the residue from its base. The same goes if the drain smell is caused by a sludge blockage, except in this case the pipe will also need to be completely cleaned. If the cause is bacterial growth in the pipe, then we may need to use a special liquid to flush out the pipes.

Blocked Vent04

A very common reason for a bad smelling drain is that one of your pipes has a blocked drain vent pipe. The purpose of a drain vent pipe is to carry gasses away from the drain, pipe and your house altogether, usually through a vertical pipe in your roof, although it can be in other places. Due to the open location of these vent pipes, it can be easy for them to become blocked by bird nests, trapped animals, leaves or just random debris. If this happens, the gasses that are meant to be carried away will have no place to exit from, thus making them go back through your pipes and out your drains, bringing the smell.

Evaporated ‘P-trap’ Pipe

Another common reason for bad smells coming from your drains is that there is simply not enough water flowing through your drains. This is common if the plumbing in a house has not been used for a while, meaning that the water that usually sits in the p-trap has a chance of having already evaporated. A p-trap usually has a small amount of water in it, this acts as protection from sewer gasses. If you believe that you could have an evaporated p-trap pipe you can try running water throughout the house to attempt to refill the p-trap. However, if the smell continues to linger then you may in fact have a leaking pipe which we can attend to.

This being said, there are many, many reasons that can cause a drain and pipe to smell, too many to list. Whatever the reason for the smell, you can be ensured that the team here at Plumber Man will be able to identify the cause of the smell and get rid of it, effectively and efficiently. Acting quickly, and calling us when you first notice drain smells could prevent a major drain blockage.

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