Blocked Sink & Shower

Blocked Sink & Shower

When a toilet, shower or sink shows signs of blockage, you must take action and call the sink plumber or blocked shower drain plumber. Many people tend to make frequent use of plungers to unblock drains and some even go for drain cleaning chemicals, but these are just temporary solutions. The competent local plumber plumber team in Sydney at Plumber Man Aust can help you conveniently solve the problem of blocked sink drain or any blockages in the shower or toilet. We always aim to offer a permanent and much more result-oriented solution.

With considerable amount of experience in this industry, each of our blocked shower drain plumber is well-versed with the different causes of blocked sink drain and shower. All the following issues are appropriately tackled using the right techniques and tools, so you get a completely blockage free sink and shower drainage system.

Residues and foreign objects


Foreign objects and residues such as soap particles, food scraps, and hair build up, amongst others, constitute the major causes of blocked toilets. Allow our team to inspect your premises and find out the cause of blockage, which will then be aptly treated by our experts. We not only do away with the elements that are causing blockage, but also repair or replace any pipes or other plumbing components that the blockage has damaged. Our blocked shower drain plumber or sink plumber will also guide you on avoiding future blockages.

Rodent nests

Rodent nests are one of the leading causes of blocked sink drain or shower. The problem aggravates when rodents set up a firm nest and breed in the pipes, which can create massive blockage of sinks or showers. We will leverage our years of experience and give our best efforts to resolve the problem, so that your pipes, sink and toilets regain their normal functionality.


Damaged or deteriorated pipes

Damage to even one or two pipes in the entire domestic or commercial plumbing system might mean lack of water supply to certain areas of the building. Whether it is a blocked drain or a shower or sink, our experts will identify the damaged pipe, and repair or replace as needed. Sometimes, old pipes require inspection and repair or replacement, simply because they are susceptible to damage.

Plumber Man Aust will never let you suffer from blocked sink drain, showers or toilet blockage issues. Call our blocked shower drain plumber or sink blockage plumbing experts now!

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